Yes, Using A Project Management System Is A Must
3 min readJun 27, 2022


Stop with meetings, visiting a co-worker desk, or calling different departments, this is all a waste of time. If you’re a medium to large scale business, a project management system (PMS) is essential to delegate tasks, foster better communication, and follow up on work progress.

Why are project management systems necessary?

Delivering a valuable product or service to satisfy client expectations is a tough endeavor and requires the commitment and quality work of every employee. Getting all the staff to work progressively in sync is no easy feat. Thus, using a project management software, like, which forces everyone to upload or perform their work in one centralized and transparent location is essential thanks its quickness of collaborating with one another on tasks.

What are some key features of a PMS?


Tasks are a fundamental part of the workplace and thus also a project management system too. Tasks can be assigned to one or multiple individuals. So, let’s say there’s a job that needs to be performed, the project manager will assign it to most experienced employee available, for example Sarah. Within the PMS platform Sarah will receive a notification on her dashboard that she’s been assigned to a new task, once opening it, there will be instructions to follow typed by the project manager. If there’s any confusion about the assignment, Sarah can reply within the task window and leave a comment asking clarification.


Now let’s say there’s more work to be done on a specific task, then the project manager can simply add a subtask and add it to the same or different employee. Again, he or she will have the opportunity to leave comments which will immediately be relayed to the manager on duty.


Workspaces are separate windows within the PMS platform that you can create and invite co-workers to collaborate. Within a workspace, the employee or admin (project manager) will be able to see all the tasks assigned and being worked on within the room

Time Tracking

As a manger you’ll know exactly how much time each employee has spent on a task. This way, manager will see which tasks are more challenging than others or needing the most attention from multiple employees.

Try using a project management system today, they streamline so many time-consuming activities like assigning tasks or delegating subtasks via conference room group meetings or phone calls. With so many features not mentioned above like history, reoccurring tasks, recover, or time sheet reports, there’s more to the project management software than expected. For companies that are already medium size they need to start thinking how they’ll manage staff efficiently before moving into the larger office and working under economies of scale. Get a head start and begin working with a PMS today system today, like Claritask.