Why A Ticketing System is Essential?

Businesses need to understand that using a ticketing system is an important aspect of running the customer support department.

Businesses need to understand that using a ticketing system is an important aspect of running the customer support department. Ticketing software really helps resolve customers issues in a way that cannot be tracked or organized quite the same within a project management system or rudimentary email.

While many directors or CEO’s think they are operating their customer service teams efficiently within a project management system, this is simply isn’t the case. The customer service department needs to be separate from the core of business operations to focus solely on resolving client complaints or issues. Enter a ticketing system like Claritick.com. With Claritick, the customer service team can track, and closeout tickets (issues) in a highly organized, timely manner.

Why Don’t Business Turn To Ticketing Systems Sooner?

In an article published on cepro.com titled “5 Reasons, You Need a Ticketing System in Your Business” back in Oct 2017, it was said that “only about 1-in-3 companies are using an enterprise-class ticketing system.”

This is partly due to businesses not knowing about the existence of ticketing software! The article continues by mentioning “Many integrators are using work order software, project management software, invoicing tools, or even email to perform piecemeal ticketing functions. While your service operations may be able to function at a base level using such solutions, they do not come close to matching the functionality of a proper ticketing system.” Nothing could be more true, other software systems are quite simply rudimentary and don’t even come close to a proper ticketing system like Claritick for resolving issues.

Also according to Cepro, the main reasons why nothing comes close to proper ticketing software are:

Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

If a business is using email, it’s only a matter of time before something gets overlooked or mis-sent to the wrong person. Both are precarious situations especially if it’s a mishandled complaint (ticket) from a high-value client, which could lead to a large loss in sales! With a ticketing system like Claritick, there’s zero chance any issue falls through the cracks since the entire support service team will be seeing all the tickets in real-time on the software dashboard. In addition, there will be notifications highlighting the time-sensitivity/urgency assigned to each ticket.

Detailed Service History

Rather than scrolling back through hundreds of emails or clicking through screens in the project management system to find the file titled “customer issues”, a ticketing system has easily searchable data for all historical resolutions. This ease of search is much appreciated when management or the support team want to reference previously closed tickets.

Seamless Multi-Channel Support

Businesses need to stop asking their clients to phone in or email their issues to support, what if the client or prospect has a different method of contacts like live chat or instant messaging? Again, enter Claritick, which offers multi-channel support just as recommended by cepro.com, this means “your clients can communicate in the way they prefer, while all of the requests are still funnelled in a centralized system for tracking, management, and analysis.”

Service Metrics

Ticketing systems come with features that are not included with simple email services or project management systems, such as trackability, average time for the first reply, or requester submission method. These are key metrics to reflect on when it comes time to improve the customer support team to greater efficiency. (Just like the ease of searching past tickets for reference experience)


A ticketing system offers greater collaboration than say email. Why? Because there’s a dashboard that all employees can view, to ensure tickets are being processed and closed in a timely fashion. Thus, businesses are kidding themselves if they think they can just continue using email or a PMS to close out client issues. Get serious, the time is now to provide your customer support team with the tools they need to manage or resolve client issues.

For the optimal ticketing platform, consider Claritick offered on Mydev.com. Claritick seamlessly integrates with all other third party or MyDev in house applications such as Claritask or Convosio.

For any questions, contact: hello@claritick.com or call: (224)279–1076


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