How To Use CRM Effectively?
3 min readJul 13, 2022


Customer relationship management is an approach in which a business interacts with current and potential customers. A CRM platform collects data across a broad range of client history to gain maximum knowledge of how to sell or retain a customer. So much data is combined across age groups, genders, locations, and preferences that it would be impossible to easily store and manually search such information on spreadsheets. Thus, a CRM is essential to any business, it helps start-ups and entrepreneurs alike organize data and find key points to use when networking with potential customers.

CRM’s like Zuitte are often equipped with an extensive number of features. One must figure out how to use such a system to the limits of its ability to maximize customer sales and retention. Here are some suggestions on how to maximize the effectiveness of your CRM.


Employees that are happy to use the software they’re given are critical to the entire CRM process. The system should be efficient, intuitive, and easy-to-use, like Zuitte by With Zuitte, employees enjoy the integration of sales, marketing, accounting, and customer support all from one central dashboard. Thanks to MyDev even more applications can be seamlessly integrated with Zuitte such as live chat with Convosio, warehouse management with Morsix, or a ticketing system with Claritick. Within Zuitte, staff can manage an endless amount of business processes.

Along with customization, the software must be convenient to use, so it must be mobile-friendly. Sales reps are often on the road, and they’ll need to populate information anywhere from the click of a button. Thankfully CRM’s like Zuitte are cloud-based so information can be populated worldwide.


There’s a saying that a CRM is only as useful as the data allows. This is true, to have an effective CRM, one must input the correct information. Inaccurate information gathered will lead your sales and marketing team astray into customer approaches that are inferior or just plain won’t work.

Proper Training

To gain the most use out of your CRM, train employees, and educate them about how the data they input & use because it’s critical to the growth and customer service of the business. Improper inputs of data will repulse the company from its success path, so it’s imperative that accurate and proper data is collected by the CRM to maximize sales performance. Routine training of the various department using the CRM system should be carried out to ensure optimal work practices.


With CRM systems, you want to make sure things run as efficient as possible. Set autoresponders, automate social media posts, build & schedule marketing campaigns, and build your very own Messenger Bots. Messenger Bots can work wonders to communicate with the greatest number of existing clients all at one time.


Do not make the mistake of just blinding purchasing a high-rating CRM system and then failing to use it effectively. Make sure you and the employees know how to use every function and are using each feature to its greatest effect.