Engage With Customers Using Live Chat

3 min readAug 16, 2022


Using a live chat system like Convosio is your gateway to increased sales. Since live chat is the preferred communication method amongst most individuals, especially millennials and gen Z. The future growth of your online business or support team depends on the usage of a live chat system. There are two main points on your website where using a live chat system can turbocharge your sales results thanks to engagement.


A blog and live chat. Think about it. There’s no better way to start engaging with someone than when they are deeply interested in reading about the topic of your blog! Let’s say your website is about history, industry dynamics, psychology, a research study, attention is the currency of the internet age. When someone is reading your blog, you’ve got their attention, now it’s time to capitalize on it. With live chat, you can send an open-ended message that populates on their screen “Hey, I’m Jack, hope you’re enjoying the blog, any thoughts?” Think of live chat as a live FAQ page. If using a chatbot, which Convosio offers, be sure to preprogram it to respond to as many frequently asked questions as possible. Using live chat with a prospect precisely when they are reading your blog offers a good opportunity to have a meaningful conversation. If they like what you’re writing about, the reader could turn into a dedicated repeat customer. Remember, 80% of your profits will likely come from 20% of your customers, so speak with them, answer their thoughts.

Product Page

Live chat leads to higher conversion rates and increases the percentage amount customers spend versus what they anticipated on spending. Knowing this is key, this opportune moment to pounce on a prospect is when they are viewing your products. For the products page, one could send out a different style message “I see you’ve been viewing our products for a while, are there any thoughts I may answer?” Just watch, customers will respond with questions, answer them professionally, people just need a little reassurance, a little nudge to confirm they are making the right purchase. These days when people shop, they search for one thing and subsequently end up on many other websites for the same product. Individuals check reviews, view pricing, and watch videos for assurance of product quality. Using a live chat system capture the customer for period of time and enables your sales and support team to communicate product or service guarantees such as return policies to reassure customers they are in good hands.

Using Convosio will add a degree of real time professionalism to your site which will be rewarded in sales growth, that alone is fantastic However, what’s not mentioned above are the cost savings since there’s no need to hire as many staff. So by using Convosio, your business will enjoy profit margin growth which is greatly appreciated since competition is becoming fierce in all industries in our age of inflation and regulation. Try using a live chat system today and feel the benefits, customer satisfaction is guaranteed since most individuals prefer it as their communication method.