Avoid These Online Marketing Mistakes

3 min readJul 25, 2022

Today’s business climate is fierce and competitive, especially during inflationary times and supply chain constraints. The allure to cheat or gain as many followers as possible has never been greater. However, this is not the correct way to grow a business, an emphasis should be placed on the gaining online rank organically with a high-quality product or service, not buying popularity or spamming with click bate reels.

The following are two common mistakes that businesses make to cheat their way to the top, only to topple over and fall back down to where they started…

Buying Popular Domains

A common beginner mentality to getting rich quick in e-commerce is to simply buy an existing popular domain and spend loads of money in marketing in the highest ranked related keywords. This strategy can pay off, but only if a premium, high quality product or service is delivered. A long-term vision and plan with a high-quality deliverable should be the priority, not buying popularity. In terms of online marketing, this translates to blogging or vlogging daily. After you have refined and standardized your successful product or service, marketing should come to the forefront. Posting a daily on your website, medium.com, and on social media is the correct way to building long lasting sustainable, organic growth of your online brand. Posting online can be timed, tracked, and analyzed using social media management tools on Zuitte.com.

Gaining Social Media Followers

Talking about social media, it doesn’t work for a lot of businesses, and you know why? Followers are not the issue, it’s because marketers concentrate on getting a lot of followers… The reality is, if a brand wants to build its reputation online, it’s going to need to provide something of high quality or time value not trying to accrue followers. Here’s some insider information you’ll probably never hear, if you post pics or video reels showing how you or employees lavishly live off the profits made from customers, yes it will accumulate a lot of views and get a lot of engagement, but rarely does it attract new clients. Instead, if a business demonstrates optimal use or functionality of its product, it will probably get way less views, very little in fact, but guess what? The valuable demonstrations will convert interested prospects into customers. So, keep the focus on what your business does, there’s no need to show off how profits are spent, just focus on showing what your enterprise can offer to customers, this in turn adds even more customers!


Realize that organic growth is necessary, there’s no easy way to the top. There’s no fast way to gain popularity or followers. The only way to become a successful business is by delivering customers satisfaction and posting about your business daily. So, focus most of your energy on high quality deliverables, and when it comes to online marketing, take the edge off and use a resourceful social media management platform like Zuitte to help convey your amazing product or service to the world.